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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Bistak Boom Atashin : Petrochemical Industry & Producing Clean Fuel and Gel Fuel
FAQ , fire gel , Gel fire starter , Gel Fuel , Methanol , Bistak , Atashin , Bistak Boom Atashin LLC
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Dear client

Please send us your questions through (FAQ form)

What are terms and conditions of requesting for agency?

To request for agency you must first fill out and send us the application form (Agency Application). Once the request received and reviewed, Bistak Boom Atashin Co. shall follow up directly with the applicant in accordance with the submitted declarations.

What are terms and conditions of exporting products?

Bistak Boom Atashin products are exported in two ways:
–    Direct Exports: in this method, Bistak Boom Atashin Co. exports the products as per the company plan and the sales contract.
–    Indirect: in this method, the customer can receive products under Bistak or Atashin brands at any points of Iran, and exports them as per his plan.
It is important to note that the customer cannot export petrochemical products without permission of Bistak Boom Atashin Co.
Please be noted that price of the exported products is different from the local market due to different packaging standards; therefore, the customer must declare final destination of ordered products.

Under what conditions 100% Letter of Credit (LC) is accepted?

In order to facilitate new customers Bistak Boom Atashin Co. accepts letters of credit (LC) under below terms and conditions:
–    100% LC is acceptable for FOB orders
–    Minimum 50% LC is acceptable for CIF or CFR orders
–    The buyer can ask for SGS inspection, in this case SGS inspection cost is to be paid in cash TT, or paid directly by the buyer to SGS office in destination country.
–    Clauses of the LC may not contain any terms and conditions other than terms of the official contract signed by Bistak Boom Atashin Co. and the buyer.
–    It must be mentioned in LC clauses that the LC is irrevocable unless accepted and confirmed in written by Bistak Boom Atashin Co.
For more information please contact our sales department.

What is gel fuel or clean fuel?

Alcohol gel (or gel fuel) is one of the clean fuels. This fuel is produced by formulation of methanol and other ingredients. The most common uses of gel alcohol is lighting up the charcoal and heating foods or interior spaces. High burning temperature, fire durability, and high resistance against heat and cold are the exclusive features of this product.

What are brands of Bistak Boom Atashin?

Bistak Boom Atashin Co. distributes clean fuel and other products in domestic and international markets under two brands: Bistak & Atashin.

  • Bistak brand covers Class A products.
  • Atashin brand covers Class B products.

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