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Methanol: Industrial alcohol (methanol) produced by Bistk Boom Atashin Co
Methanol , Alcohol , Iranian methanol , Methanol Alcohol , Industrial alcohol , Industrial
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  • الکل متانول
  • الکل صنعتی بیستک بوم آتشین


Industrial alcohol (methanol) produced by Bistk Boom Atashin Co. is used as antifreeze, grease solvent, germ remover for electronic and mechanical parts, laboratory material, alcohol lamp fuel, and wood and charcoal lighter.



Methanol is a toxic liquid, and drinking it may result in blinding or death.


Methanol Packaging:


450 CC Methanol

600 CC Methanol

5000 CC Methanol

17000 CC Methanol


Technical Specifications of Methanol:


94% pure methanol alcohol

Compliant with various metal mechanical parts

Suitable for electronic parts


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Alcohol, Methanol
alcohol, Alcohol Methanol, Industrial alcohol, Methanol